Arduion MKRWAN 1300 and RAK7243 (RAK2245 module + Raspberry Pi B3+) only send join messages

I’m trying to send uplink messages from an Arduino MKRWAN 1300 seted with the LoraSendAndReceive Arduino IDE example program. I set the correct frequency band and the modem instance like this: LoRaModem modem(Serial1).

The Gateway traffic on the TTN console only show Join Request (23 byte size) with the correct EUI of my MKRWAN and Join Accepts four seconds after.


The application Data only shows activation messages. The device EUI is correct.

ttn forum 3

While the gateway logs shows:

ttn forum 4

By the way the distance between the gateway and the node is about 4 meters.

There is another topic treating a similar problem (Only activation, No uplinks downlink,ack received on TTN Console) but the solution proposed was to use another gateway.

I have the exact same problem with the same gateway as yours

Hi! I didn’t solve the issue, but at least now I can send data to TTN cloud by changing activation method, from OTAA to ABP.