Only activation, No uplinks downlink,ack received on TTN Console


We are making some Lora based device for US and stuck at some point.

We are using Lora1276 module from NiceRF.

We are using STM32L073 microcontroller and Lora1276 and sends data over TTN.

We had used this microcontroller board and this Lora shield and it sends data over TTN successfully.

We made our own PCB with same uC and Lora1276 and it is able to send activation data over TTN but further, it is don’t see downlinks/uplinks.

Please guide.

So, you’re seeing the full activation? That is: Join Request and Join Accept, and after that the node is not sending a new Join Request? Did you validate that the node is even sending uplinks?

Activation This is what I see on TTN console.

what gateway do you use ?

I am using a Multitech Gateway installed just at my desk.

the node send one join request and that is not answered, like Arjan said that’s not a full activation

Yes, its not fully activated.
So where is the issue. Is it a hardware issue or software.

Device is sending activation messages again and again but no response.

Check the gateway traffic page for response packets.

Make sure to keep at least 8 feet between a node and gateway to prevent cross talk caused by strong RF signals. (Which can cause the gateway to receive uplinks on a different channel, resulting in a reply on a channel on which the node does not listen for an answer)

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I have kept the Gateway at 20 feet distance still not working.