Are ttn account entities transferrable between accounts?

(Kiwiclan) #1

Specifically what I mean by this is if I create various identifiers under one account, can I then later delete them from my account and re-add them under another account without problems? In short I'm asking if there is a problem with managing objects (gateways, devices and applications) and then transferring ownership of those entities at a later date to someone else.

It looks to me as if an application id for example must be unique across the system. If that is so, then depending on our the software works there may be trouble deleting it from one user and re-adding it to another user. That would mean that people who manage devices for others may need to think ahead whether or not that person may desire to take over management of the asset at a later date.


(Hylke Visser) #2

You can add someone else as collaborator on your applications and gateways. Does that work for your use case?

(Kiwiclan) #3

No I don't think so. This is the scenario.

I want to setup gateways and devices for people who are not technical. It's easier to do it on my own account rather than set one up on their E-mail address. Later they want to take control of it or give the control of it to another technical person. I would imagine that the way to do is to delete the entities on my own account and add them to a new account that I then setup for them. If that's not possible then it gets difficult. They cannot be a collaborator on my account as they are not technical or I may not even know them. I may be performing a service for them. However, because some devices have their node addresses determined by their mac address control of these entities in the account is control of the device itself in essence.

You can think of it as a home automation installer doing this for clients then the client wants to take the administration away to someone else.


(Kiwiclan) #4

If one cannot easily transfer these entities to other people or at least release them back into the pool, then the devices we use on ttn themselves are almost non-transferable.

Imagine you bought a device and used it yourself then you sell it on marktplaatz and the guy you are selling it to asks for your account details so that he can change details himself. Or that you sell your device then decide to delete the device entry and it becomes unworkable for him.

(Arjan) #5

For gateways, some "Transfer ownership" has been implemented. I don't see anything similar for devices.

(Also I don't know what is being transferred for gateways; see the link about that.)


Any new clarity on this question since last summer? Thanks.


and that ‘simple’ node on/off button in your console…
I can’t find the slides but I have seen that in V3 there will be more device/gateway management options