Athens, Greece

Great news: multiple people are going to set up TTN in Ahtens! Here they can meet.


@Tom have you received orders from Greece?

The capital controls is still a problem here and we could not place an order at the kickstarter.

So let me introduce myself to any Athenian fellows…

i’m Alex, software developer and willing to kickstart/contribute to the community in our city… Currently i m getting familiar with the APIs and the upcoming architecture.

Οur local team, ideally, can be responsible for:

  • Training community members
  • Install and configure the very first gateways
  • Install and configure nodes (as use cases)
  • Make sure we have a state of the art architecture in place. The goal is to allow people placing a new gateway without actively interacting with the community.
  • Find sponsors
  • Build partnerships with opensource communities or companies
  • Organize hackathons
  • Market and disseminate our vision

The more of us the better, so feel free to message me so we can arrange a first meetup!

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I’m Cris from Athens. I am a mechanical engineer expertised in energy saving and smart building technologies with 15 years of experience. I am working together with Alex and a group of worthy people each of them capable and ready to help spread our vision for an open “The things network” community.

Hi all, I am a software engineer and an Arduino amateur user and enthusiast. The things network intrigues me so I would like to participate in forming an awesome community in Athens :smile:

Hi everyone, this is Stella. I dream of a free and connected World of Wonder, and I am up for the challenge of setting up “The Things” in Greece! I love to dig into the business aspect of innovative tech, while trying out new ways to help the team reach its full potential. Planning and Coaching are my things!

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I’m Vasileios, and a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. My academic background is on Electrical and Systems Engineering, and currently I’m with the department of Electrical and Systems Engineering.

My area of expertise is on problems of estimation and control of large-scale systems, such as smart cities and buildings, as well as, brain and social networks; to the latter end I’ve also grown an expertise to product adoption strategies, including the modelling of marketing techniques using game theory.

Being part of a research group that drives the frontier in the research of IoT technologies, I’m willing to collaborate, so to bring the impact of this effort closer to our everyday life.

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Hello everyone,
we are EXM a startup from Athens and we are preparing to roll-out LoRaWAN in two areas, Athens center and Athens International Airport along with some smartcity use cases in colaboration with some other startups. Obviously we would like to join efforts with anyone else interested in the Athenian smartcity attempt, so we are open to any discussion/collaboration. Furthermore, there is an IoT conference on Thursday 17th Dec
I am a speaker there and I will present LoRaWAN, TTN and our plans for Athens, so if anyone is interested please come and find me there. Ticket is normaly 170€ but you can contact Hara on the following details, and ask for a free ticket (as an Athens IoT meetup member) on behalf of me (Manolis Nikiforakis)

Χαρά Κατσαρού
Υπεύθυνη Συμμετοχών Boussias Conferences & Awards
Boussias Communications
Τ: 210-6617777 εσωτ. 153

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I noticed a gateway is up in Athens.Nice work!
What is its range and manufacturer name?

Can we start adding nodes? We will communicate with which entity to do that?


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its a single-channel DIY hack/gateway… for testing purposes.
you will have to wait a few more days for the real thing :smile:


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I’m pleased to announce that for more than a month now TTN is active in Athens center, via a low cost, DIY, outdoor, powered over the ethernet, LoRaWAN gateway. More details on our blog


yesterday our lorank 8 has arrived!
@Paul @crisbouras @Stella @Vagelis & Christos Dimizas & @Alex contributed to make this happen.

2 gateways online in Athens…time to cover the whole area!

People get ready for LoRaWan in north Greece, more to come soon :wink: