AU915-928 no RX2?


I live in Brasil and following the Frequencies Overview we are to use the AU915-928 Frequencies here. The gateways that we have and devices we make work fine with this plan.
The problem is that we are trying to buy a LoRaWan device from China and they insist on the RX2 Frequency. But the frequency plan we use here is not specified nor using the RX2 window.
Any advice on how to resolve this problem? Should I specify a dummy RX2 window? Will this work?

Isn’t that covered in, e.g., LoRaWAN v1.0.2rB Regional Parameters?

AU915- 928 Receive windows

  • The RX1 receive channel is a function of the upstream channel used to initiate the data exchange. The RX1 receive channel can be determined as follows.
    • RX1 Channel Number = Transmit Channel Number modulo 8
  • The RX1 window data rate depends on the transmit data rate (see Table 17 below).
  • The RX2 (second receive window) settings uses a fixed data rate and frequency. Default parameters are 923.3Mhz / DR8


Beware that I’m not in Brazil myself, nor using AU915-928.

Hey Arjan,

Thanks, this was what I was searching for.:grinning:

Does anyone know if the fixed RX2 of (the default) 923.3Mhz / DR8 is just missing in the TTN documentation? Or if TTN is not using that?

It looks like they are just not documented. US902-928 is also missing the rx2 Frequency and datarate.

The v2 stack is using the channel plan definitions from this project.

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