Hi all,

We are TTN Auckland community. Been in the doldrums for a year but will finally have our first meetup and unleash the community on Mar 13. We hope to make a lot of progress this year and hope to light up Auckland with LoRaWAN gateways.


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Hi Adam, nice to hear!

Great to see another community come on line in New Zealand.

where are you Adam? I’m down in Wellington, and we started today on rolling out about 25 gateways over the next couple of months.


welcome !

hey mate. Im in South Auckland (Pukekohe). Good to hear you rolling lots of gateways. We had done the same last year from Spark but using Actility.

Thanks BoRRoZ

@mrpackethead I’m in Christchurch. We became a TTN community just before Xmas and had a second meet up this week. There’s 6 or 7 reasonably active members.

Great stuffs. Well do give me a shout when you are in around Auckland in the coming months. Would be good to meet fellow TTN’ers from CC.

I think NZ is going to be a real hot bed of activity this year. Theres a lot of stuff happening.

Definitely agreeing on this with mrpackethead. There’s going be a lot of buzz with NZ since Aukland is going to get it with LoRaWAN gateways

60 to 80 shoudl cover the sprawling auckland! How are you paying for them?

Hi guys, I’m new to the group here. Do any of you guys have gateways setup? I’m looking to get one built and running from my home soon.

Hey moon,

I have just joined the group and keen to run a gateway and get some sensors running.

Did you manage to setup a gateway?

Ideally, I would like to get something plug and play like the Lorix One but would consider putting my own gateway together.

Hi Twilight,

I haven’t got around to it yet. Was waiting to see if other people on here had done it, and see if they had any recommendations. I was looking at building one with a RAK831 from AliExpress (

I’m out in West Auckland and am wondering how high I need to put the antenna/module. Have you got any plans?

hey everyone, I’ve been driving around the city today, pretty much going all the length of Dominion Rd and although I see a few gateways around on the map my app received no pings from device I had onboard. Once I approached my gateway (also on TTN) I started to get uplinks. How real are those on the map and are they operating in the right bandwidth (AS923)?

Hey Mate you can use our map, I think you are in the same situation as Australia, you’ll have a bunch of gateways around but they could either be on 915 or 923, or they are indoor gateways.


Hi All,

Just taken the plunge (after a year of playing with a single channel gateway) and bought a Mikrotik wAP Lora gateway. Seems easy to config and I’m already receiving a fair bit of traffic. I’m in rural NW Auckland (Woodhill).


Hi All new to New Zealand and in the Auckland (Warkworth) area. Have a keen interest in Lora Wan and TTN. Looking to solve a few problems using Lora like water tank monitoring and driveway alerts etc.

Can good places to chat about the subject? Any good NZ suppliers of IOT and Lora products to start playing with? I will need to setup a gateway due to my remote location.

Nice to meet you all…