(Cruzer) #1

Hi all,

We are TTN Auckland community. Been in the doldrums for a year but will finally have our first meetup and unleash the community on Mar 13. We hope to make a lot of progress this year and hope to light up Auckland with LoRaWAN gateways.


(Mrpackethead) #2

Hi Adam, nice to hear!

(alanp) #3

Great to see another community come on line in New Zealand.

(Mrpackethead) #4

where are you Adam? I’m down in Wellington, and we started today on rolling out about 25 gateways over the next couple of months.



welcome !

(Cruzer) #6

hey mate. Im in South Auckland (Pukekohe). Good to hear you rolling lots of gateways. We had done the same last year from Spark but using Actility.

(Cruzer) #7

Thanks BoRRoZ

(alanp) #8

@mrpackethead I’m in Christchurch. We became a TTN community just before Xmas and had a second meet up this week. There’s 6 or 7 reasonably active members.

(Cruzer) #9

Great stuffs. Well do give me a shout when you are in around Auckland in the coming months. Would be good to meet fellow TTN’ers from CC.

(Mrpackethead) #10

I think NZ is going to be a real hot bed of activity this year. Theres a lot of stuff happening.

(Jakesantiago) #11

Definitely agreeing on this with mrpackethead. There’s going be a lot of buzz with NZ since Aukland is going to get it with LoRaWAN gateways

(Mrpackethead) #12

60 to 80 shoudl cover the sprawling auckland! How are you paying for them?