Australia V2 > V3

I’ve lost track of where the AU device and gateway V3 migration is up to?
Last time I tried I had to use the EU handler, which was unreliable.
Is there a meshed-handler equivalent for V3 console in AU yet?

NAM & AU Clusters were announced as available a month or two back :slight_smile:

AU v3 Console link although the AU migration plan is outlined in another thread here. Basically (as for all regions) devices and applications now, leave the gateways until later this year if you can (so others with devices on v2 still have service). Also standardise on AU915 SB2 (deprecate AS923 in Australia, still supported but not recommended). I’m sure someone will correct me if that summary is wrong :slight_smile:

I don’t know if we have an updated date for the v2 turndown yet, but it’ll be later this year.

At the mini-conference last week it was suggested read-only 1st June.