Basic Station status and usage

I am working on several LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorials around Semtech Basic Station. During my research I noticed that I only found 2 gateways which supports the Basic Station protocol.

The Things Indoor Gateway (TTIG).
Multitech Conduit

My questions are:

  • Are there any other gateways which supports Semtech Basic Station protocol?
  • The last commit on is almost 1 year. Does anyone know if Semtech still supports/maintains the Basic Station protocol?
  • We have the Semtech UDP packet forwarder, TTN Packet Forwarder but the development is put on hold and the Basic Station. But during my research I could not find much information about Basic Station, besides on Semtech, ChirpStack and TTN websites. Is my assumption correct that Basic Station is hardly used at all? Is the LoRa/LoRaWAN community mostly using the Semtech UDP packet forwarder?

I would expect all maintained gateways to support this protocol since it’s a big improvement on the demo UDP format and a reference is provided.

The Laird RG1xx appears to support it.

RAK7258 has Basic Station support with current beta.

Robert 23:37 in to vid is slide from TTN conf on those supporting Basic Stn

Also have you seen the Basic Stn content & vids on

Also BS isn’t new it was developed by Traknet who were acquired by Semtech.
We ran with it for about a year and half it was rock solid.
It’s new to TTN community it’s been tried and tested.

And thanks for your youtube vids a great resource.

Hi @robertlie, I use LORIXone gateways and they have sent me a beta version of the new LORIXOS firmware that supports Basic Station. It’s on my to-do list to test.

@ iiLaw Thank you! I already have watched this video but I completely forgot about this slide. I will checkout these companies.

@ Verkehrsrot, could you provide me link where I can find this? I have searched their website, but could not find this information.

@ cjhdev, thank you. I quickly scanned their documentation.

It’s in the current beta which i got directly from their support. Release is announced for “late march”.

@ Verkehrsrot Okay, thanks.

@robertlie I’m just looking at getting BS working on MT conduit.
Looking at Authentication

The TTIG comes provisioned with with either
TLS Server Authentication Or TLS Server and Client Authentication

Looking at doc’s I’m assuming with other manfs. GW’s (for now) need to use TLS Server Authentication and Client Token where Token is GW Key

An updated version of Basic Station is available for Conduit.
This version has a fixed clksrc of 0. An overriding clksrc was being sent by the TTN servers.


Jason, thanks for updating running basic station on conduit

very timely for me

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The Laird RG1xx has support for BS with the latest firmware, but TTN is not providing clear info on how to use it with their network… which is really annoying.

The ‘register gateway’ page of TTN ( does not show how to register a gateway that uses the Basics Station Forwarder…

Use legacy check box…it’s the same as registering a TTIG…

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@jvbelle, I was able to install Basic Station on RAK831 and connect it to TTN, read @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 post: Using basicstation on RPI gateway


Their official doc mentions Kerlink Wirnet Station and a raspberry based gateway:

@robertlie for ref.

Ursalink gateway supports Basic Station

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if this belongs here, but I’m struggling to find any information on how to use basicstation with the SemTech picoGW card (USB to SPI bridge + SX1301), preferably with GPS synch.

The platform is OpenWRT ramips (MT7620), and it’s currently running fine with TTN using the legacy pico_pkt_fwd from xueliu’s lora-feed.

However, I would like to add GPS for class B (NMEA is available through /dev/ttyS0 and PPS is connected to the corrresponding miniPCI-E Pin), but this is currently unimplemented in the picoGW variant of the packet-formwarder…

Besides I’d rather prefer to use this card with basicstation instead, but is it even supported yet?

Can I really just set "device": "/dev/ttyACM0" instead of "/dev/spidev0.0" in the station.conf?
I hardly believe this would work, at least there seems to be no documentation available whatsoever for the picoGW card, aside from how to click around the GUI of a fancy Windows Demo application.

Maybe it’s just me, or this is really quite ridiculous.