Beginner looking for Hardware to buy TTN or TTS


im looking for the right hardware for the following problem:

MyHomeServer → data mqtt/http/rj45/wlan → lora device antenna → gateway (some km away (neighbor)) → TTN Server → Webserver

Is this possible? And how is this possible? I need the 868mhz network for EU. Looking for some tips and advice and i appreciate hardware suggestions.

Dragino? Adriuno? What Kind? Maybe all-in-one build ? TTN ? TTS?

Hope someone can give me first start. im goging to read further informations and try to code after i got the hardware.

i want to send very less data maybe once or twice a day.

thank you very much.

Not really a good use for LoRa/LoRaWAN. As internet connected just go
MyHomeServer → data mqtt/http/rj45/wlan → Webserver

Sorry forgott to mention. My scenario should work without Internet connection AT my home.


Any particular reason why??

How much information do you need to move from your HomeServer - the size of packets, how often?

Cause sometimes my Internet Provider is offline. I just want so send somethink Like an heartbeat. Like everything is fine AT home just no Internet :joy: one or twice a Day. Or AT the time when somethink Happend, e. G smokesensors activated or motionsensors in house activated while im in vacation.

Just so e examples…

Thank you

So go for an ESP32 based like TTGO that can run a web server (for http), be a web client (for http) or even MQTT. They have an SMA connector so you can mount a modest antenna outside to help with the range.

Use LMIC-node for the LoRaWAN part of the firmware.

The community is TTN, the software is TTS.

You will need something to relay the data from TTS so that it can alert you - TTS is the LoRaWAN stack, how you want to process the data is up to you but there are plenty of integrations available that can then send alerts.

I’m assuming you are doing this for the technical fun / challenge. If not, just get a cheap GSM module with SIM and send yourself text messages.

Yes Kinda, i want to learn lorawan. Maybe i gonna build an own Gateway later and use some sensors outside in my Garden. I will buy an GSM too as openwrt failover. But Maybe the Router has Problems or idk… I just want an heartbeat from my devices to make sure all is ok, while im not AT home.

Do you have a Shop or link to buy? I hve an leftover rasbpi3 and bought lora shield, But seems IT was the wrong for ttn. This is why i ask for :joy::ok_hand:

Am Shopping list or Tutorial how to build would be great But i cant find. Maybe my search terms are wrong for the lora world :joy:

Thank you

Edit. Just found this

I gonna buy from this thread. There is a list of supported devices.


Is one of this enough for my Plan?

I don’t know, I can’t read for the shouting …

And that description could be attached to a lawnmower, so bit hard to say if it matches the thing as described in the LMIC-node readme which is all the tutorial you need for the device.

For LoRaWAN itself, this is good:

Oh sorry, just copy pasted on my Phone.

But IT seems Like Its ttn compatbel, im gonna buy this

There are Tutorials how to connecte to ttn and use the 868mhz. Just need an extra Power supply.

Thank for you time and Tipps for this TTGO.

LILYGO® TTGO ESP32-Paxcounter LoRa32 V 2,1 1.6.1 Version 433/868/915MHZ LoRa ESP-32 OLED 0,96 Inch SD Karte bluetooth WIFI Modul