Best Gateway to buy [ for a noob ]

Dear all.
I am a noob with TTN, only i do have a great smart home, so not a noob with linux home automation etc etc.
I see my Home automation [ Domoticz ] support ttn, so i will give ttn a try. [ great options ]

Only i can buy the ceapest gateway, or the most expensieve.
I read a lot, only still have no idea what type i can buy the best.
So i hope…
Price not my problem, only @ home so a little bit normal…
DIY if this a better option, no problem.

My wishes are upgradable for the next time.
multichannel, many channels
Great range…

And the other option i hope you give as advice.

And i live in Europe [ holland/dutch ] so that freq? or can i use multiple freq?

Hope you can help me.

Perhaps some great tutors?

Hi, I would recommend a Mikrotik wAP 8 (MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: wAP LR8 kit) for 868 MHz, it is cheap, flexible, small, relative easy configurable and for sale in Europe.



Are you a noob in router administration, as well? The kit contains router software, which can be tricky for a beginner. If you follow Remko’s recommendation, I would advise you to carefully read and consider ideas in MikroTik’s article: Securing your router. MikroTik’s Omni antenna also offers good value. Remember to connect the antenna before booting the wAP 8. Also consult MikroTik LoRaWAN gateways and concentrator boards and MikroTik Antenna Kit 6.5dBi on this forum.

The dragino LPS-8 is a cheap but good indoor gateway. Mine runs now for a year and so far I had no problems at all.
The LPS8-868 is the one with the right frequency for europe.



I would recommend the TTIG ( The Things Indoor Gateway).