Big ESP32 + SX127x topic part 2

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Nope. Stand corrected. I was looking at an old pinout sheet when I compared them

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Thanks for youre reply bluejedi - as it was not very constructive - more reproachful - so i compared again the pinout for V2 with the one you mentioned and i could not find that lot of ‘errors’ you have complained about?! My template was the pinout from the seller at aliexpress and compared with that it is correct. Compared to your mentioned version in the opening post there are some changes for the lora pins and the oled pins are swapped - so this is full of errors for you?? Please let me know where the other errors - you named them copied errors are.

For me i have to check the pinout at the real board with the pinout for v2 you mentioned - currently i dont know which one is the right one (seller or post from here) until that i will remove my v2 version based on seller one and come back after doing some checks, but as i have already said the difference is only in the additional wired pins (LoRa and OLED) the ESP32 pins are all correct (except the doubled GPIO12 - GPIO11 i have to check for sure…)!

The mirrored V1 is valid too - there are some boards that are delivered with exactly that pin out - but as they are all replaced with the ‘new’ pinout (did not find them anymore at aliexpress) i accept your request to remove it to prevent confusion (i used the color red to achieve that… obviously that did not work)

Createing a bottom view version did not lead to any advantage from my point of view… so that was defintly not my intention with the mirrored one - just for clarification.

Thanks for your note - if there is something dramatically wrong im sure there is some admin able to change or even delete a post. Just sayin.


Thanks for removing.

You will be able to make the comparison yourself but I will give you some clues:

  • Twice pin 12
  • One of the pin 12’s is not pin 12/GPIO12
  • Pin 11 is not pin 11/GPIO 11
  • Incorrect MOSI/MISO labeling

‘Copied errors’ because these errors were copied (not corrected) from the original
(while that information was already provided in this thread).

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Yep - all the findings i mentioned already in my post - any further complains?
(yes - the only copied error i this case is the doubled mosi [i hate me already for that because i was sure i corrected that while creating the pinout] and the doubled GPIO12 - that should i have really detected by checking it) For GPIO11 im not sure and have to check that later, imo there should/could some GPIOs for the DIOs?! Maybe some one can clarify this.

In the meantime i checked the pins_arduino.h and could correct most of the pins.

I also found the post from @TKroenert where the DIO pins are corrected and the pull request at github for the new pins - but lot of code examples in this topic are still referring to DIO1 and DIO2 to GPIO33 GPIO32 f.e.
I will check that later - have no board here at the moment.

@bluejedi are you sure the RST and IRQ pins are not mapped in current V2 boards?
The example code from LilyGO at github refers to pin 14 RST and 26 IRQ but in the same file DIO0 to 26 …

For the V1 mirrored version i have some updates - it looks like the 433MHz boards are all mirrored - i dont have one, maybe some one else here can check that? To prevent misreadings i will add the band to my pinouts.



I replaced “is full with errors” with “contains several errors” if that helps.

Eh… from the opening post (just read):
RST (LoRa) IS wired to GPIO14 for all current Heltec and TTGO boards, TTGO V2 included.
‘IRQ’: there is no pin with that name in the datasheets (TTGO just copied it incorrectly from Heltec :wink:).
‘IRQ’ is DIO0.

I still haven’t verified if a RST for the OLED display is wired to an ESP32 GPIO on the TTGO V2, but you don’t need to use it for using the display, with U8g2 at least. (But that was not what your question was about).

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So it is missing in your pinout - or i did not find the current version.
An maybe you want to check PIN13 - i think it is a touch pin too, maybe a typo.


Good observation. :+1:

Lora_RST is missing in my corrected version. Thanks.
I had overlooked that. It somehow did not land in the output.
I will replace it with an updated version.

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My quiestion is Can I keep RST(LoRa) / GPIO14 to fixed Low level. when the CPU goed to deep sleep and wakes up again.
The problem is that Sx1276 resets every time when esp32 is woken up. I have no idea when GPIO14 goes high - by esp_deep_sleep_start(); or wake up There is no way to keep esp32 in deep sleep state while packet is received.

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I’m trying to connect a GPS to Serial1 or Serial2 but not sure what pins to use. Any direction where I should look?


I’ve just got a pair of TTgo v1’s.

Is there a how-to doc somewhere?


This might help: -

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ESP8266?, TTGO V1 does not have ESP8266 but ESP32.
And that is not about LoRaWAN if I’m correct.


What board?
Start with looking at a pinout diagram of your board to find the Rx and Tx pins.


With the ESP32 you can use most pins for serial setup. Do mind that with the TTGO V1 standard pins for serial 2 is not viable since U2_RXD is also the RST pin for the oled.

with code; Serial2.begin(9600,SERIAL_8N1,RXpin,TXpin) in setup you can use most pins for serial port. I use RX pin 23 and TX pin 17 for my devices with GPS.


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Huh! Sorry totally forgot to say. TTGO LoRa V2

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Thanks for the info! This will use “software serial” implementation?


Nope hardwareserial

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Does anyone have one of the ENC28J60 Ethernet adapters working on ESP32 ?

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Thanks! I will try.