Big ESP32 + SX127x topic part 2

(Kylix) #311

The Gateway I’m using on the other Heltec board is this:

I changed the spread factor to 7 in node’s code (main.h): “#define LORASFDEFAULT 7” (the GW uses SF 7)
I have no other idea on how to make it work.

(Verkehrsrot) #312

This is single channel gateway. Not really applicable for OTAA joining.
Set it to SF9, this is the default setting of paxcounter.
But you still need some luck, because Paxcounter uses LoRaWAN compliant LMiC stack and sends on all 8 channels. But after i while waiting you should have success with your single channel gatway.

(Kylix) #313

I suppose I’ll need a “real” LoraWAN gateway :slight_smile:

(Verkehrsrot) #314

Go for a MatchX, you get great value for 300€.


It’s the only one I don’t own :wink:


Got my enclosure from 3DHubs, company color :wink:

Silly question, for the heltec/ttgo V1, how do you place antenna? You make a hole in the enclosure?


Today I released another ESP32 LoraShield (yes please stop changing design too often), this one works with this $5 ESP32 LoLin32 Lite board.


It’s used to hold LoRa modules such as RFM95 or Mictrochip RN2483
Shield looks like


  • I2C Pullup placement
  • Classic I2C connector with SCL/SDA and 3V3/GND reversable pin by solder pad
  • Groove I2C connector
  • Footprint for RFM95/96/98 or RN2483/RN2903 Lora module
  • Footprint for choosing single Wire, SMA or u-FL Antenna type
  • 1 x WS2812B Type LED for visual indication
  • 1 x Push Button
  • Added footprint for Microchip 24AA02E64 64 bits serial number (DEVEUI)

Github Repo

Of course I made also ESP32 Paxcounter compatible with this shield and you’ll find link order here

(Verkehrsrot) #318

yes, i drilled hole.

(Verkehrsrot) #319

i also got the TTGOv2 cover with extra hole, but did order with “filled”.
Guess the author swapped the files :frowning:

This 3D print service seems to produce better result than that one i used. Will switch next time.

(Verkehrsrot) #320

LoRa shield is bigger than cpu shield, must shrink :wink:


Which one? Lite or the other?

(Pixelchain) #322

I recognized that the Thingiverse uploads were messed up so I’ve got some time to clean them up.

Right now I’m (re)testing the files on my printer. They look all printable.

I’ve added a version of the bottom with a hole for a 6 pin feature connector

Take care, there are two cases actually in the uploads. One simple and other with an extra button (top) and extra feature connector (bottom).

(Verkehrsrot) #323

Good news: tested the new paxcounter code with brownout detection disabled on my TTGOv2. Now it runs on battery. Before it made a reset at the point where the wifi scanner was activated.

Solved, thanks!

(Verkehrsrot) #324

Got some short news from Heltec regarding their new Heltec Lora 32 v2 Board:

“It’s coming soon, our hardware engineer is debugging the RF part.”

Let’s hope, they do a good debugging job :wink:

(Paulmi13) #325

Hi there!

Do any of you guys have an example of using a button to trigger a message using lmic?

I’m having trouble understanding all these os_init and os_loop things so I don’t know exactly how to fire an event. Example here:

Ultimately I would like to trigger a message when a rfid tag is near my reader.
I have this code that works for sending a lora message when a tag is near:
But it’s just a basic lora message and I can’t manage to make the same things with the lmic library in order to communicate with my gateway.

Any help greatly appreciated!

(Filousoph) #326

After a persisting radio.c:689 error on my TTGO LoRa32 V1 I found out, that LMIC opens SPI in a default kind of way with SPI.begin() in hal.cpp. After modifing line 83 to
i.e. SPI.begin (SCK, MISO, MOSI, SS);
the radio.c:689 error was gone.

(Verkehrsrot) #327

You can use this LMiC fork by @jpmeijers which gives you the Ability to define SPI pin numbers for ESP32 and NRF51.

(bluesensing) #328


with epaper display … still a bit expensive

(Filousoph) #330

The first step was finding the problem. Googling did not help easily, which is also why I posted this. I was sure there must be a fork to my problem, thank you for pointing me to it.