Big ESP32 + SX127x topic part 2

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It’s also great that TTGO removed the slider-powerswitch. I already broke 2 of them but they are so nice at LilyGo and promised me the new version of the board with the combined power/reset pushbutton!


That is good customer service.

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They promise a lot, but do they deliver?


What do they promise?

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Another one spotted today. GPS and battery mount included.

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payload size(bytes) / estimated air time= estimated data transfer rate? am I wrong?


Nice! This one without display (but can be connected when needed). Link?

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LilyGo (Where else? :wink: )


US $36.95 … prices are getting crazy :astonished:


Important TTGO LoRa32 V2 Errata

  • Different from what was mentioned before: LoRa Reset is NOT connected to GPIO14.
    LoRa Reset is NOT connected to ANY GPIO port but is hard-wired to the ESP32 Chip Enable (EN).
    This means that for LMIC, GPIO14 must no longer be specified as the LoRa Reset pin.
    (Diagram on Lilygo’s LoRa32 V2 github repository shows this incorrectly and also contains other errors.)

  • The microSD card slot can be used as a regular microSD card reader/writer.
    Which is great for storing measurements, location tracking data etc.
    The SD card interface uses GPIO14 for SD_CLK but it is now clear that this does not conflict with the LoRa module. (It also does not conflict with pins for the embedded flash memory in the ESP32-Pico-D4.)

The LoRa Reset information is based on my own testing (after having received feedback from Lilygo that has shown to be only partially correct). I have not yet tested the SD card functionality.

I have updated the pinout diagram to v3.0, included here: TTGO LoRa32 V2.0 Pinout v3.0.pdf (2.3 MB)


(The opening topic has been updated with above information.)

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And if you are using the Arduino ESP32 setup, you will find that the file.flush() function does not work on the SD. So you need to use file.close() instead.


Looking for answer, please have a look at: What is the function of the SX127x / RFM9x reset pin in LMIC?


Did anyone use the microSD card reader/writer on the TTGO LoRa32 V2 already?
Please share your experiences.

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New arrival from Aliexpress and LiliGo: TTGO v2.1, running paxcounter code v1.3.51. Works out of the box, no more wiring necessary.