Big ESP32 + SX127x topic part 3

(Petervande Pol) #130

I am working with a TTGO Lora32 V2 and have tried the examples from the Arduino-LIMC library by Matthijs Kooijman. It looks like I have the board working: with both the ABP and OTAA examples I see action on my gateway. In ABP mode only one hit, in OTAA mode I see a join request, a join accept and then an uplink. However: this happens only once on power up or when I hit the reset button. I assumed that I would see a continuous series of messages. The code says that the TX interval is 60 seconds, but nothing happens. To be clear: in both ABP and OTAA only once a packet is handled by the gateway.

When I go to the application I can see how long ago the board was powered on, but both the Frames up/Down counters say “0”

Am I wrong in my assumption that I should see a message every 60 seconds? My gateway is made of a iC880A-SPI concentrator board with a Raspberry. I know that the gateway works since when I power up another node (a LSN50 I see a continuous stream of packets coming in.

(Lennyz1988) #131

Thanks! I tried what he did in the link. I tried adding 20k pull-up resistors on Mosi, Miso, SS and CLK. I now got the standby consumption reduced to 154uA!

Should I use higher or lower resistors?

(LoRaTracker) #132

Try it and see.

(Tavisg) #133

I have two Heltec Lora V2 boards and even though I’ve been having some intermittent consistency problems I’m excited today because I got successful 2 way data transmission at 12.4 miles distance.

(Sandgroper) #134

Higher value resistors will not improve the current consumption in sleep as these lines are only floating. However, if you have these pull ups connected to the supply rail it means that the current consumption would be higher when the processor is not in sleep state.

(Eric VdB) #135

Have you tried this library: