Big LoRa32u4 boards topic

(Couin) #106

I remember LoRa32U4 using around 50mA on active state, that might be too little indeed.
I did obtained the best sleep consumption (200µA) powering the board directly with the 3.3v pin.
For that purpose, I used a simple but nice external 3.3v LDO (HT7333)… and a 10µF capacitor.

(Ud Lo Ra) #107

H, I did a mistake. BSFrance is out of stock since some time, so I bought a similar board from Amazon, without paying sufficient attention to the description. And so, tomorrow I will have a 915MHz board instead of a 868 version :frowning: .
Do someone have experience in using a Lora32U4 board marked for one band with LMIC set to the other band? I suppose it can work, possibly sub-standard. Thanks.

(Ud Lo Ra) #108

The solution was under my eyes, but somewhat hidden: on the B side of the board there are pads to be soldered for 500mAh charger.
My board is on a breadboard so I didn’t see directly the pads, but yesterday I received another one so I discovered this nice thing (if only I had looked more at the pictures on top of this thread… :slight_smile: )

(Ud Lo Ra) #109

… and this is a self-answer: measured in the same conditions, rssi shows barely no difference.

(Couin) #110

Good to know, I would have said around 10dB loss.
On some boards, it’s just a settings difference.

(Ud Lo Ra) #111

While I was looking around for info, I found that modules used by Dragino differ for 3 inductors (and they declare very few difference in performance). Both boards are even not marked, like the one in the picture on top, v1.2.