Breakout board for Ebyte E78 (ASR6501) MCU+LoRa module

I’ve recently made public my own PCB design of breakout board for Ebyte E78 module.

GitHub project link:

The module contains ASR6501 SoC which is actually Infineon (former Cypress Corp) PSoC 4100S core plus Semtech SX1262 LoRa radio.


Hello Linar:
The break out board looks great!
One question though; why did you add pads on the base of the E78 module (DIO5, DIO6, DIO7, etc). I don’t see the E78 module having those pads available… Is there other modules that come with those pads?
BTW, does anyone have the schematics for the E78 module? It would be good to have them so we can re-populate some of the functionality flashing a new firmware.
Thanks and good work!
Thanks for sharing.



Thanks Linar:
Sure! I missed that! I wasn’t familiar with the E70 module…
I’m trying to connect to E78 via SWD using CMSIS-DAP (v1.1 and v2) but so far I wasn’t lucky… I just bough a Kitprog 2 board, so I hope I can test these modules very soon…