Build up TTN community in rural community (Landkreis)


i have spottet several Gateways in the last month in my local community (Landkreis Schaumburg).
All of them has disapperd after a few weeks exept of my own gateways.
This is the reason i am thinking about the creation of an own community section here in TTN Forum.
Most other local communitys are headed by some people within the commercial IOT sector.

At the moment i am not member of any existing ttn community next to me. So i have no insight in cummunity interal processes.

It seems that there is sometimes an overlapping with Freifunk communitys.
But even those are splitted in Schaumburg to Freifunk Hannover and Freifunk Bielefeld.

After this summary of my view of the local situation my questions:

Is it wise to build a community as hobbyst?
Does anybody have suggestions or experiences to get in touch with local TTN Users?

Somehow i presume that some of the other gatewy owners would’t have quit there engagment if there are other local supporter. Support with knowledge, hardware or coverage.
Let me know what you think.
This is a topic in Countries->Germany but anybody not only german can give advice.

Mit freundlichen GrĂĽĂźen

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Up to now nobody has any advice? That is sad.
But nevertheless, there is nobody who argue against me.

Seems like it is like it is most time… Let’s try it!

I think the TTN Schaumburg Community will be up tomorrow!

Why not, you know more than 99.99% of the rest of the people around you.

Yes, yes, yes, this is the spirit of TTN.

You have a gateway, the quick win is to find local schools, especially 14-18 year olds, help them build low cost devices, Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 is a good balance of ready to rock versus price, but if you have time & patience, we can show you €8 devices. Sense the temperature, humidity, pressure (BME280). Put up a web page with data. Tell the local press. Tell the local council/politicans. Have fun.

Post questions about the technology in the topics if you need help.

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hi Hendrik,
absolutely go for it! of course a “hobbyist” can, and often times better that an “industry” person.
use the TTN gateway overview to find and contact gateway owners,
use skype to find nearby communities or interested people,
build a #CO2Ampel and put it on TTN,
dont underestimate the power of meeting up (knowing this might be difficult right now … it might have to wait til spring …) and the combination of tea or beers, conversation and gateway-building,
and most importantly, use your knowledge about your place that we cant have, from afar.
Mit freundlichen GrĂĽssen,
aus dem Exil in Dänemark,
Sebastian ( ==> ex-Berlin, Freifunk, usw.)

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@descartes @sebastianb Thank you for your support.

The “start a community” form is submitted to The Things Network community team.

As soon as it is appoved i give an announcement in the appropriate sub category.

It seems as if my “job application” was not convincing enough.

What is your experience with starting a community?
Which reaction time is to expect from the community team?

They have had a couple of office moves due to Covid and most of them are slaving over a red hot V3 stack compiler at home, coffee shops, up radio towers etc etc. So it won’t be personal, just busy.

@laurens, can you check in with this gentleman’s community form please.

@engelking great to hear you’re starting a new TTN community, great to have you on board!

Sorry for the slow response, I’ve just created your community, see:

You can control the page via the [admin panel](Sorry for the slow response, I’ve just created your community, see: after logging in.

Best of luck

@descartes Thank you for linking the right Team Member!

@laurens Thank you for your quick response!