Can 1 device TTN-Device-data been seen on 2 independant TTN - Device-Data Consoles?

At physical Location 1 - In my TTN - I have one development node sensor registered to an Application EUI and the Device EUI and Dev Address. Using- LoraWan Gateway(Laird RG) In the TTN console I can view all Device-Data packets.
Note that the device is physically at location 2.

At physical Location 2. I have another Gateway (Laird also) and now have the sensor at this location.
In TTN-Gateway-Traffic I can view the data packets.

But cannot see any TTN-App-Device-Data packets

How do I enable the viewing of Device-Data packets?

The location of the device does not matter as long as both gateways are using TTN and preferably the same back-end region. The device needs to be registered with TTN as well of course.

If you do not see the devices data in the application after moving from one gateway to another you need to debug. Start by checking both gateways use the same region and frequency plan.

Ok Jac tks
I will debug as suggested

Lacking much detail in your question, some more random thoughts to consider:

  • If the device is using ABP, and has been restarted when moving from one location to another but does not persist its LoRaWAN state (that is: if the frame counters started at zero again): see ABP node stopped working -> Fixed by creating new ABP.. Why? :)

  • If you’re using different accounts, then see “Collaborators” in your application’s Settings in TTN Console.

Using OTA

Yes using different accounts - so will check out “Collaborators”