Can i connect TTIG (the things indoor gtw) with self hosted TTN3 stack

Hi guys i recently bought TTIG (The thing indoor gateway advirtised to connect to all kinds of backends :smiley: ) and as promised it really takes minutes to connect it to TTN but what i really want to do with it is to use my self hosted TTN3 stack. TTIG is packet forwarder but is there any way to make it talk to my TTN3 server? I can’t see any guidence within the docs. Thanks in advance!

@laurens told me 5 days ago that it’s not yet possible to connect it to the TTI hosted V3 stack. So, I assume it’s not possible to do it for a privately hosted one either.

More generally, see the same status in Reconfigure TTIG to support “Can connect to any network backend of choice”.

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That’s a shame, because the gateway have potential and i really can see many use cases for production but this restriction makes the device unusable. Thanks for your feedback i’ll keep looking for updates.