Reconfigure TTIG to support “Can connect to any network backend of choice”

Hey fellas,

another question. iam using the TTN backend and also a second backend running on my own system.

I bought the TTIG two weeks ago, because it is official specified as: “Can connect to any network backend of choice”, but till today i didnt find out, how to do so. How can i reconfigure the packet forwarder to connect to my own backend? How do i get the TTIG in this mode to reconfigure the backend, connected over USB or Wi-Fi? It seems that it is not that easy…

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As far as I understood (after some more or less official talks), this feature doesn’t work yet. And anyhow a “network backend of choice” have to support the basic packet forwarder protocol. Semtech packet forwarder will not be supported.

You should probably send it back while you still can, given that is not the case. If it was sold as having such a capability, you should have a very strong argument.

In fact, it is in the official description:

I would really appreciate to get a statement by TTI. Is it a feature which gets enabled in the near future with a fw-update?

Hanlon’s Razor Redux: “Never ascribe to evil intent that which may well be a over ambitious marketing”

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