Can i use LoRaWAN to send data from Gateway to various Sensors?

I want to use LoRaWAN to send a list of data from a gateway to various sensors that are too far away. But not all will receive this data only those who request. Can i make this using LoRaWAN?
I read a little about the devices Class and i think that i can achive this using a Class A. Is this right?

You can only send downlink data to class A devices in reply to their uplinks.

So your devices would have to periodically poll.

It’s possible that you want class B or class C, but this is far more complex and not universally implemented.

How much data are you trying to move, how often?

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I want to send a list with various coordinates and manipulate these data received by LoRa radio using the MCU and stores them in a SD card like a text file. I don’t need to send data to the sensors periodically only just a few times.

How many times is ‘just a few times’ and how much data is it ?

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That you mention an SD card suggests that this is a volume of data that doesn’t really sound like a LoRaWan application and definitely not a TTN one. And probably not even another network layer on top of LoRa, at least unless you have mains power to your nodes. The whole idea is really optimized for a data flow from the end that runs on batteries to the end with mains power, with only a proportional trickle of data going in the reverse direction.

The kinds of things you could reasonably downlink would easily and more reliably and inexpensively fit in an SPI flash, if not an EEPROM or on-chip MCU resources.