Cannot add device using Console on TTTS OS

I have installed The Things Stack on Azure following this guide: GitHub - kartben/thethingsstack-on-azure: Instructions and deployment scripts for setting up a LoRaWAN net and using the ARM template provided.

Installation was successful and I can create new applications but when I try to add end devices I always get the same error no matter which LoRaWAN version or any other parameter I set.

See screenshot for error message I get from console trying to post/put the new device:

Seems like there are field_mask values that are added even if they shouldn’t be there. It is an OTAA device I try to add and not a multicast.

The version of The Things Stack installed is v3.10.7 since this is the version that was used in the installation guide.

This was a Console bug in an earlier version of The Things Stack, it has been fixed since. Try using a more recent version of The Things Stack.

Tnx for the quick reply @htdvisser

I was afraid that this would be the case. The installation of The Things Stack I have in Azure, from following the guide mentioned in my first post, is not setup using docker on a Ubuntu VM but has the stack running native as a deamonand is using the Azure Redis service as well as an Azure PostgreSQL managed db so I am a little unsure what I need to do to update to a newer version.

Are there any guides for this type of setup, I couldn’t find any in the TTN documentation library?

There are no official guides for your type of deployment, but maybe @kartben can add a little “Upgrading” chapter to his guide. It’s probably mostly the same as for our Docker-based deployment, but with slightly different commands.

I’m guessing that as long as there are no major database migrations that needs to be done it would be a small task of upgrading just the stack on the Ubuntu VM but hopefully @kartben can shine some light on this before I get started and mess things up :slight_smile:

I gave it a shot and downloaded the latest stack, 3.14.0, as a .deb to my Azure Ubuntu VM. Installed it using the same command as in the cloud init file from @kartben, sudo dpkg -i, and from the result of this operation the previously installed stack with version 3.10.7 is now updated to 3.14.0.

After this operation I couldn’t access the console any more so I have now tried a bunch of different operations to get it running including the command to register console as an OAuth client:

/ttn/lorawan-stack/ttn-lw-stack -c /ttn/lorawan-stack/config.yml is-db create-oauth-client --id console --name “Console” --owner admin --secret az keyvault secret show --name CONSOLE-OAUTH-CLIENT-SECRET --vault-name $KEYVAULT_NAME --query value -o tsv --redirect-uri “https:///console/oauth/callback” --redirect-uri “/console/oauth/callback” --logout-redirect-uri “https:///console” --logout-redirect-uri “/console”

Secrets are pulled from Azure Keyvault so I get the same as when doing the initial installation with 3.10.7.

Still I can’t access the console. Is there anything more that needs to be done after having upgraded to a newer stack version?
Following the official TTN guide which is using docker seems to run pretty much the same commands as I have done.