Cannot connect to MQTT over the port 8883


we’ve deployed the TTS Open Source version 3.13.3. If we try to connect via MQTT over the port 1883, it works like a charm. But, if we try to do the same over the port 8883. We’re stuck and we don’t know what to do to solve the problem. We’re aware that this is very generic but we don’t know what to loop up.

Thanks in advance. Any help to point us where to look up will be really appreciated.

You may need to explicitly set the capath and protocol version parameters.

Assuming that you are using Mosquitto with MQTT bridging:

In mosquitto.conf to the bridge settings add:

bridge_capath /etc/ssl/certs
bridge_protocol_version mqttv311

(capath may require a different value for your OS/distribution.)

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