Cannot get onto the console to delete an end device

I am unable to log onto the TTN console with my Things Network Account after deleting my initial account and creating a new one with the same email address due to some issues I was having. I need to be able to get back onto that account to delete an end device registered onto it, as I am unable to use that device on a new account that I created as it has the same deviceID as the one on the old account. This post was made by the account created with the original email used, any help from the team would be appreciated.

We are volunteers on the forum and have no account access… you should post to the TT Slack channel #support

Hi, this is the other account of the user who posted the original message (I can’t get back on my account for some reason). Thank you for the response, I will try and get in contact with them.

DeviceID is just a ‘random’ ascii string used by the system to create a unique key in the database. There should be no reason at all for you to reuse the same device-id. For a shop bought device where you can not set your own DevEUI/AppEUI not being able to reuse them while a device is registered might be an issue.
Please clearly specify which of the fields (or which combination) creates an issue for you.