Can't read Generic Node's sensors

I have tried a few of the demo apps from GitHub from the development branch.

The “secure_element_lorawan” reads the secure element.

The “basic_lorawan” uploads data.

The “basic” and “sensors_lorawan” are having issues reading the sensor.

For the “basics” app. The failure path seems to be:
main.c, GNSE_BSP_LS_On(LOAD_SWITCH_SENSORS); //line 65 loads:
stm32wlxx_hal_gpio.c, GPIOx->BSRR = (uint32_t)GPIO_Pin; //line 431
GPIO_Pin = 4096

Any ideas? I will try the main branch and see if that is any different.

I’ve never used anything other than the develop branch but I will have a peak at the master branch out of interest.

My basics works but I’m aware that it needs a lot of extras that you have to do a --recurse-submodules to pull in to ensure it works. Whereas the basic_lorawan doesn’t need them so works OK.

You can ensure they are pulled in with a git submodule update --init --recursive

This will pull in a known good but not necessarily up to date set of cryptoauth functions and bits.

I’m literally finishing (hopefully today) some videos on using the STM32CubeIDE with the code base.

As there is a lot of development cruft under the hood, I tend to take ZIP’s and then copy over the extra folders if I need them.

On 460Mb disk space, 291Mb is .git and 126Mb is threadx.

So I’ll probably create a clean starter repro and copy over fixes as they occur - but no RTOS or threadx because I don’t tend to need that - at worst it will just be a tidy starter.