Cayenne closed - how to change to other dash board

My all devices data is invisible it was linked to Cayenne app before , now it is no more , how do i delete devices & change to other MQTT network to see the actual data , all devices visible in TTN, can you recommend other way to monitor the data from devices with alert & trigger functions

If you didn’t download your historic data per their al too short EOL notice then it’s lost! The Community integration from TTN is now effectively dead and indeed likely generates an error each time it attempts to upload so best go into each application (or device level if set from there) and delete the webhook/ integration to save load on TTN servers…have been doing same myself after long time use (pre-TTN). You will then need to pick and set up a integration from those offered and start again with your choice of dashboard. Many alternates (if not so easy to use by default for us non-softies!) discussed on the Forum (search) over the years.


Device registration on a LoRaWAN Server has NOTHING to do with where the data goes.

It’s unnecessary and may result in you actually losing access to all your devices.

Find another provider, setup the integration, job done. The list of dashboard integrations in the Web Hook section of the console would be a good starting place.

In the meanwhile, you could capture to CSV with this:

Either with some web space so you aren’t reliant on a home/office machine or periodically running the Data Storage download or running MQTT client on your local machine.

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Sorry @Muneerkt my bad for brevity/lack of clarity…… what I proposed was delete the integration and replace with new one in existing application/device set up, not delete myDevices/cayenne community integration then delete device as you asked. As Nick says do not delete device at this stage. Simply add new webhook/integration. Note you can have several integrations in parallel and e.g. storage integration always a good one to use as a short term (few hours) buffer for any missing data, end service interruptions etc.

Hi jeff,
Can you recommend other reliable webhook site or app

??? :man_shrugging: