Change Spreading Factor manualy

Hi all, I have the following problem regarding the spreading factor. I use PIR sensors that have a very high SF. After placing another gateway near the sensors, the SF still remains at 10-12 which is too high. My guess is that the sensor is using the set SF from the join process and now needs to be reset. Now my question is, how can I trigger a new SF setting? Ist it possible by a downlink? I’m using the Browan (Tabs) PIR Sensors (OTAA).

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Are the sensors configured for ADR? If so they should begin to migrate to more efficient SF’s and Tx pwrs over time - from memory a step will be commanded after around 20 to 22 uplinks have been received.

I have used the TBMS100 sensors and I’ve seen them change SF based on ADR.

So this should just work, maybe needs a little patience.

You should be able to trigger a remote reboot of the sensors, as described in this post:

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