Change the email address for account


I can’t change my email for my account on (EU1 Community).
It’s possible to change it in edit box (Profile settings/General settings/Email address) only for one session, after logout and login again there is still old one.


No regular visitors to this forum are TTI staff - please post your request on Slack

Ok, thanks.

Changing your email address is indeed a bit messy right now, since we’re still in the process of migrating account management from our old V2 Account Server to our new “The Things ID” system.

If you go to, you should be able to change your email address. The next time you sign in to The Things Stack Community Edition, it should update your email address.

cc: @adrianmares

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Thanks, it works. doesn’t work. what can i do for changing it?

Please do not double post - it splits volunteers efforts! Where have you tried? You need to do through main site log in vs on the Forum directly…

I raised a similar issue on on 1/11/22 on Slack ‘support’, as this is the process advised on this forum.

There has just been a reply (on Slack) saying that you need to access your account from the right web address, access it from the wrong location and you may not be able to edit the details that you can see.

Not had a chance to check the ‘solution’ provided, but it seems to me that support for such issues via slack ‘could be improved’ …

As per Slack.

You need to change your password via

I went into the page and I could enter a new email address (both fields), I did not commit it, so try and let us know.

You can access when logged into any of the main sites pages (main .org front page, community, learn, etc. ) - click on your user icon top right, select “My Profile” then click on the pencil next to your user name…under Profile Picture you will then see “account settings” - that also then takes you to the id.thethings… web page where you edit your address…

The reply I had from support was;

So just to clarify a bit - account management on The Things Network goes via - not via the account page on The Things Stack

The reason for this is that you have a singular account for every place on The Things Network (forum, website).

I see from your earlier message ( that you are trying to do edits directly from The Things Stack, but this is blocked because management (password / email) needs to go via

What I propose that you logout from , then you login on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx via , and change your email there.

Afterwards, go to again, login.

The login via will update the email in The Things Stack and allow you to re-use the email for another account.

In general as long as you do the updates via , you should have a better time.