Changed node to different cluster and now cannot access it in console

Hi everyone. N00b TTN & Lorawan user here (Also first post on this forum, so apologies in advance for any etiquette breaches!)

I was struggling to set up a new Dragino sensor node, and deleted my tenant ID from the Network server & Application server, so that it just read “” (instead of [tenantID] Now I can no longer access the device from the console, and am informed that:

This end device is registered on a different cluster ( ). To access this device, use the Console of the cluster that this end device was registered on.

Searching this forum, I see that I am clearly not the only person to have done similar. The post linked below suggests that the device can be removed via the command-line interface, but this is not a full solution, presumably since the device must also be purged before it can be set up again? Is there a simple way to restore access? Grateful for any assistance.

Nope, I think this is a first - certainly people have selected a different region on TTSB (aka TTS CE aka TTN) and setup a device and have to figure their way back to the correct region. But hand editing the registered cluster …

You can’t login to the root of EU2 as it’s all tenanted. So as you have a TTI instance, you can use your paid for support option to request a staff member (not us) to remove the device.

Thanks Nick. Appreciate your response. My situation does seem analogous to that posted by @albgipfel (who renamed name1 to nam1, whereas I deleted the ‘name1’ altogether), but possibly I don’t understand the difference.

Unfortunately I’m just starting out and currently on the free TTI Discovery plan, which I don’t believe includes any support. But if that’s the only way to remedy the situation, I guess I’ll have to subscribe.

(As a newbie, it does feel that some of these options should come with a warning!)

Post-Covid recovery blur at my end not thinking broadly - if you’d turned it in to eu1 you’d be able to use the publicly available console - so yeah, pretty much the same and as per the thread, no real solution without access to paid support.

Feel free to post an issue on Github - this won’t get picked up here.

There are other buttons you can press that will upset things - the docs are linked bottom right on the console & items with a ? in a circle have tooltips. However for almost all operations, the console doesn’t require any special options.

Thanks Nick. Following a conversation with Support, I think this is now resolved.

Whilst I don’t know exactly what was done behind the scenes, I think it might actually have been an issue with the Console, rather than needing EU2 root access. For anyone else facing a similar issue, if the device link via the Console frontpage is broken, it is worth checking whether you can still access the device settings page directly - i.e.


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