Cheap Outdoor Gateway

Hi all,

I’m looking for an Outdoor LoRa gateway compatible with TTN.
I have a 230V European Plug on my balcony and i want to connect a gateway.

What I need :

  • Connectivity over WiFi
  • 8 channel LoRaWAN 868MHz
  • Connection to Eur 230V
  • Optional: GPS module

All Outdoor gateway I found, are at least 800€.
Did you know a reference for cheap LoRa Outdoor gateway ?


PS: If not I will use an indoor gateway with an outdoor antenna

Use a :
Type RAK7249-0x around 416 euro excl shipping.

If you want cheaper (re)build one for your self, it’s on your own balcony. I have seen picture off nice build in IP65 case’s indoor device’s

It cost you must less and the antenne’s can be/or the same.
It’s what you want., if it is for your own test rig, or to make Lora avaible for the rest off your village.


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Hi Bigboar
You can take a peek to




@hmullerenersa : I don’t see the price in the 2 links you propose

@jwijngaard : RAK7249-0x seems the cheaper outdoor gateway I know. It’s not clear if the PoE injector is usable in outdoor (Waterproofed and operation temperature range ?)
I can build one but it’s difficult to find gateway electronic board with a big temperature range: -20°C to 60°C



The PoE injector : you place it inside only the UTp-cable is going to the out side.
Yes in your situation with a power-outlet on the balcony, it is not realy useble situation. Better to drill a hole for the UTP cable to outside.
Else again often people are placing IP65 are beter cabinet outsite and you bring every thing in to the box all so the power with the enjector (maybe a bit over sized) for the the tempeture you can also heat the cabinet a littelbit.
Maybee you should do something on your own spec’s what you wan’t.


a fresh new one

 Thx for all your Answers,

Effectively, Cheap Outdoor Gateway are around 500€ or I can build one myself !


no, there are no public listed prices, you need to contact them for quote.

There is a very reliable Gateway from Mikrotik.

I think at the moment it is on the way from factory to the reseller :slightly_smiling_face: