Circuitpython and LoRaWAN


I am used to develop my node with Arduino and LMIC. I would like to work with a new board from Adafruit ItsyBitsy and CircuitPython. There is here a library with does not work anymore with TTN stack V3.

Some one of you has an experience with CircuitPython and know either an updated or alternative version for CircuitPython?

Many thanks

I experimented with an M5 stack ASR6501 which has a serial interface, a while back. The ASR6501 handled all the LoRaWan mac commands. Sending data was then done writing/reading the serial port. It worked ok but then went into my box of bits for another day, which hasn’t arrived, yet.

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Thanks for your reply, that is very interresting!! But does it work only with min 5V? My circuit work with 3.7V battery

However, I do not understand well your comment, here. How long your circuit has been working (measures/sending)?

I also observed two packages
COM.LoRaWAN Module 868MHz V2.0 (ASR6501) | m5stack-store and LoRaWAN UNIT 868MHz (ASR6501) with Antenna | m5stack-store . Which one are you using?

Many thanks for that interesting info. I will order and try

It was just an experiment. GitHub - BNNorman/M5STACK_UnitLoRaWAN_Lib: Python library for the M5STACK LoRaWAN module based on the ASR6501

I believe @pierrot10 is hoping to have Python talk to the RFM95, which @bnnorman’s GitHub - BNNorman/dragino-1: LoRaWAN implementation in python repro could help with, perhaps on the understanding that it’s not going to be a drop in replacement for the Adafruit library and will require some work to get going on different hardware.

In that case he could stick with C and use an Rpi Pico with this:-

I got that to work ok as a test/investigation on TTN V3.

Build the code with VSCODE then drop the UF2 onto the Pico.

CAVEAT - Rp2040 based boards tend to hive higher sleep currents so not good for small battery operation.

Excepting that there is already an Adafruit ItsyBitsy in play.

But it was ever thus, buy hardware and look for library, choose library and look for hardware …

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