Claim gateway not possible due to Collaborator ID length

Hi Guys,

I wanted to claim my gateway to v3. Unfortunately, my Collaborator ID is tool long process. My ID is quite a while that long, didn’t had any issues so fare. Changing my User ID isn’t possible.

Any idea what I can do, beside setting up a new account?

Looking forward to you advices. Thank you!

@bafonins where does that 25 come from? This should just follow the regular account ID validation and allow up to 36 characters.

Also, should we perhaps add hints that we’re asking for an account ID, not an email address?

It’s not unknown for the error message to not relate to the actual error - plenty for your new React person to do when you find them!

I’d consider trapping for use of @ in the id box but I’d also consider having a hammer come out the screen to beat people on the head when they conflate id with anything else (like email or an EUI).

Careful Nick, threats of violence - even in jest! - may not be tolerated and could lead to sanction (per prior experience! :wink: ) :slight_smile: Not too much difference between a hammer and a baseball bat though I think one might get a better swing! :scream:

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Hello Guys,
it may look like, but I did not entered an Email address. My ID is just 27 characters long and it doesn’t contain an @.

I’m being using that ID quite a while and never and an issue, till I like to migrate my TTIG from v2 to v3 by using the claim gateway function.


Any update / solution on that issue? I like to migrate to v3 asap.

Are you still experiencing this issue? I thought it was fixed.

Thank you Hylke. I was able to claim the gateway now.

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