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(Rich L) #44

I am not in a position right now to check that particular test vector out but i wonder if the payload itself is in the correct format.

If you are getting the location of the GW returned then that suggests that the Skyhook lookup failed and Collos is resorting to location based on the next best thing and with a reception by only one GW that is the location of the GW.

It is interesting that the query works fine from Collos directly. I will try to take a look myself in the morning. Are you performing a simulated uplink or is this actually the payload you see in TTN console?


Hi @firmwareguru,

I am not sure to catch where it does not work for you:
1, 2, 3: Test vector seems to be fine and successfully parsed.
4: With that vector I have the location in close to Boston (42.2961366,-71.2368669) in Cayenne.

So, could you please check that in the console you have the fields correctly set ?

Then confirm that you do not get any results in Cayenne ? Do you see no GPS map, or coordinates located on your gateway instead of Boston ?

Also, could you please take a screenshot of Cayenne integration in TTN ?

Thank you


For TDOA to work, you need gateway derived from Semtech’s V2 reference design, do you have it ? If not, only rssi can be made

Could you please share TTN metadata of a packet ? They are in the MQTT packet or in the console.

It is not an issue as you only add devices in Cayenne one by one


Collos_release_note-A1-0-12.pdf (161.2 KB)

update 3e May 2018

(Jfmateos) #48

Which gateways are TDOA compatible with collos?
As far as I know, none of the first gen gateways, even those with GPS, can use the TDOA feature. Is this right?

(Denis Stenkler) #49

Hello guys.
One question about Collos location. I already did the regestration and i get tle location of my device (arduino with LoRa Shield). It shows at The Things Network console.
So my question is: Is there any possible ways to export the location (longitude & latitude) and store this two numbers to somewhere? I need these two numbers only. Any hints? Maybe another integration?

I hope guys you can help me beacuse i am really stuck here.


Right, first gen gateways are not able to put TOA, even with a GPS. Every gateway based on Semtech V2 reference design are compatible.
For example Kerlink iBTS or Cisco, but there should be other manufacturers…


If you connect to TTN thanks to MQTT, you will have GPS coordinates in the payload

(Denis Stenkler) #52

Thanks for your response.
I did the HTTP integration to my test server and on that server i get payload data with latitude and longitude. But this coordinates are of my gateway not my device.
Did you mean something like that?
I do not understand what exactly you would like to explain to me here :confused:


If you are able to get coordinates from TTN, Collos integration is might not be configured properly. Did you follow those steps ?

(Denis Stenkler) #54

I think u didn’t get me right or do you know what my question is?. Yeah I followed these steps and integretion is working OK. I get the location with Collos of my device. But now i want to parse these numbers (latitude & longitude) to somewhere (file or something like that). And i dont know how to do that :confused:


Is it working or not ? On your previous post you said you only get gateway’s coordinates. So yes, I do not get it :slight_smile:
If so what does mean "I did the HTTP integration to my test server and on that server i get payload data with latitude and longitude. " ?

(Denis Stenkler) #56

I wrote some thing a little bit confused xD Yes it is working OK. In my console i see the location of my device.
So there is see coordinates of my device shown be side the map. So my main question is how to store or parse or something like that coordinates which are shown be side the map?

I think I should not even mention the HTTP integration because there is no connection here. Let’s just leave that behind.

I really hope that you understand me now?

(Rich L) #57


Seems that some confusion abounds…

What I understand is that

  1. you see GW coordinates in the uplinks from the GWs
  2. Collos integration is working and you see the device on the map in the console
  3. you would now like to subscribe to a feed of the device location directly.

I am not sure if you can/how to do that. But will look into it.

The Collos integration can forward said coordinates formatted as a GPS device to any Cayenne integration that you have though.

(Denis Stenkler) #58

Hi Rich,
First of all thanks a lot Rich.
exactly as they mentioned all those things in 1,2,3.

Ok i will try to do Cayenne integration and I hope this will help me.
If you get any other ways to solve this problem can you please let me know?

(Denis Stenkler) #59

One more thing Rich.
Can you please explain some things a little bit more to me?

  1. How TTN and integration with Collos + Cayenne really works ??

Does TTN calls Collos, etc.?
Does TTN calls Cayenne or Collos calls Cayenne?
What kind of data is transmitted, etc.?

And if it would be possible that Http Intgration payload would include (+ GW) DEVICE COORDINATES ?

Thanks a lot.

(Danny Engelman) #60

Only Cayenne?? Or any Webhook? (like IFTTT)

(Rich L) #61

Actually it is pretty simple right now…

  1. TTN receives the uplink from one or more GWs and instead of throwing away duplicates it keeps the meta-data from each one (primarily that is RSSI and SNR plus TOA if it is available).

  2. If you have a payload that included WiFi sniff data for example then a payload script can be used to create the WiFi query format for WiFi base location.

  3. TTN then forms a query with all the meta-data plus andy WiFi data that is available.

  4. The Query is posted to the endpoint in Collos that you specify and Collos responds with a location.

  5. TTN console then looks at the locations coming back and, if there are multiple, it posts the most accurate one to the console location.

  6. The Cayenne integration is pretty dumb- firstly you need to add a Cayenne integration to the app (for the rest of the data such as the payload and signal strength etc.) Secondly, when you define the integration you get the option to specify a Cayenne channel number. It will quite simply, place the location returned from that particular endpoint in Collos to Cayenne to mimic a GPS device on the channel number that you specify in the integration.

(Rich L) #62

I dont think we can specify any other Webhook right now, although… of course… that would be our desire… :wink:


@DenisStenkler, @DannyE : once TTN has queried Collos it coordinates in metadata:{latitude, longitude} fields of the payload.


You can get the payload by MQTT or HTTP, use TTN’s storage or any other integration

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