Community- AWS Integration-Invalid PhysicalResourceId

Hello all,
I have been following the Deployment Guide that is on the TTN.
Similar to other posts Enterprise Solution and this Unsolved post I have a problem with the stack formation on the AWS side and receive the error ‘Invalid PhysicalResourceId’.
My buddy who works with AWS tells me that this problem comes from the cluster address
I am using Community Version 3 of TTN. I am also based in Ireland so I am using EU1.

I have also used the template from the Deployment guide which gives a cluster address as ‘’

There were some other posts that suggest the addition of ‘ttn’ as a tenant ID as the start of the cluster but this didn’t work either.

Is there something I am missing? As anyone been able to get AWS integration while on the community version of TTN or must I upgrade?

All help is appreciated

I have been experiencing the same issue and I am wondering if anyone has been able to get it working yet?

I really appreciate any help ye can offer.

The instructions are fine, I took them for a quick try out this afternoon as I hadn’t done this with v3, so I recommend printing or PDF’ing them and use a highlighter (real or virtual) to go through line by line, paying attention to which version of TTS you are using.

Thank you @descartes for your help.

Fresh eyes make all the difference. The problem was the API Key. I will explain my stupidity in hope it helps someone else.
When the API key is presented to you make sure to copy and then paste it somewhere (Such as notepad or word). The AWS template first asks for the application ID before the API Key.
I had been going back to copy the API key again and realise I was copying the API Key ID
In the event you, like me, did not carry out this step you will not be able to integrate successfully. The Key ID is NOT the same as the actual Key (makes sense). After many days thinking insanity was coming it was only when a colleague began the process infant of me I realised my stupidity.

Hope this helps someone!