Sorry for this “google translate” :

Experiment on the “The Things Network” of the Concarneau region: to date 2 gateways are accessible and made available to all.

Do not hesitate to get closer to the fablab of the bay of Concarneau and join us to better understand the architecture, the objectives of TTN, and also to build your modules, to realize antennas … and so that we share ideas, tips and skills .

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Nice !
If you are a little bit in the north you can have infos in French on TTN Lannion hereégorie:LoRa

Only the english language is allowed on all TTN forums?
(since my english + french post was cut)
Or is there a place so that we can express ourselves in the desired language and practiced in the region in which the gateways, which we want to make better known, are located?

ps: because I am evoking here forums concerning the communities; not technical forums.

Yes, the forum is English only. Unfortunately the French introduction attracted a French response (meanwhile also translated), so indeed I removed the French part of the introduction. I don’t know of any non-English resources.

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