Configuration for KNOT ?


Just received a brand new Mikrotik Knot that I plan to use as gw with TTS :wink: as expected the tutorial on TTN website is outdated (MikroTik KNOT | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN). Searched net but couldn’t find any tuto up-to-date :frowning: Someone succeeded to setup it properly to work with TTS ?
It speaks about a LORA menu in Mikrotik that doesn’t exist in mine or doesn’t exist anymore in latest firmware.
Also I’m unable to find the Id of the gateway (it’s supposed to be on label on device but it lists only FCC numbers, and mac addresses of Wifi/Mac…

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Probably you have the regular KNOT, not the LR8 version.
Please check your hardware version.
If you paid < 100usd, you definitely have no LoRa.
For non LoRa Router OS questions you may consult the Mikrotik forums.

Thanks for these details and I was not aware/didn’t realise there were multiple versions of it and right after check I have the non-lora version so I can just trash it !
I was not really happy to buy Mikrotik device for rebuilding a TTN/TTS gateway but now I know not to buy anymore Mikrotik and will give up on rebuilding a TTN/TTS gateway :frowning:
Too much a nightmare to find a working hardware and proper tutorial to get it working :frowning:

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~$70/£70/€70 will buy you a fully functional easy to use basic TTN GW if you are looking to get into the technology - just get a TTIG, alternatively look to others from Dragino (full GW such as LPS8 NOT a Single or Dual channel Packet forwarder), RAK, et al. in the $100-160 range.

Caveat Emptor! TTN Forum is a great resource for evaluating/choosing potential GW’s and checking others recommendations and issues/solution, Use Forum search (Top Right) liberally! :wink:

Well I had checked the TTN website first here to select the Knot ! MikroTik KNOT | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN It should have an indication to state to buy the proper Knot version to avoid other guys to do same mistake as me :wink:
For TTIG thanks I want something for outside to get a minimum of range usable :wink: I guess I’ll go back at PI hat with RAK board as I had in the past on TTN V2 and it was working pretty well !

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It calls out KNOT LR 8/LR 9 so I guess short of placing the order for you you can’t expect much else from it ! :wink: Note I was also calling out to use the Forum…to get Unser experiences and opinions not just rely on manufacturer glossies or TTi how to docs etc… you will likely find opinionated and unvarnished views…but also solutions to issues or problems - often meatware induced! - called out in those views. :+1:

Also have successfully deployed TTIGs & other indoor GW’s in external ABS boxes with cable glands etc to create effective ODUs :wink: