Configuration of the Kerlink Wirnet iStation

Hello to everyone,

First of all, i’ve been messing around with TTN for some years, but I’m absolutelly a noob contributing to the documentation of the platform.

Last week, I tried to follow the step by step guide for deploying the Kerlink Wirnet iStation 868 MHz (Ref: PDTIOT-ISS04) that can be found here. Sadly, my firmware version was not compatible by far. I had to perform several configurations by hand (enabling Lora, enabling the Lora packet forwarder and configurate it to speak with TTN). I finally manged to set it up properly.

After some investigation, I found by a reference in the docs of V2 a manual witch i think is not in the V3.
I would love to know if it’s a good idea to add a new Model to the V3 docs, and the most improtant parte, how to do it. I have every single step i took in my own documentation, but I feel its a great idea to share it.

Any kind of help / oppinion is appreciated. Thanks in advance!