Connect Multitech MTCDTIP-LEU1-270L

Hello, everybody,
I hope you can help me in the following, I want to connect my multi-tech MTCDTIP-LEU1-270L, if I introduce the command mts-io-sysfs show lora/product-id :MTAC-LORA-G16-868 and the output of the command mts-io-sysfs show lora/hw-version is MTAC-LORA-2.1 to an already functional LORA deployment, if I go to the multitech guide specification with the features of my device, the section “Configuring the Lora Network Server”, says that this section only applies to LoraWAN v.1…5, means that I have a version of HW MTAC-LORA-2.1 I can not make such a configuration? Can you guide me on where to get information on how to configure my device for the purpose I want?

What is the purpose you want? If it concerns connecting to TTN, check the documentation at the TTN documentation site. For other purposes, check the MultiTech support forums.

Thank you, Kersing, for your answer.

My intention is to connect my multitech to a deployed and functional Lora server, I have already configured in the other Kerling, my question arises in the Multitech, for it I follow the guide but I can not make the packet-forwarder-usb referring to this section “mLinux with MTAC-LORA-915 or MTAC-LORA-868” could your experience help me?

Sorry, this forum is for The Things Network. For help with other networks/lora servers please use the approriate support forum for that service/product (the loraserver forum in this case.)