Connecting a sensor to Gateway with AT COMMANDS

Hello, Could somebody tell me the multitech AT commands to set the application EUI, the device EUI, and the application key? These three values are generated in the LoRaWan platform but I don’t know which AT commands to use for the sensor to know them. Thanks

start here
read everything and tell us then exactly what equipment you use (brand / type)

normally you know what you have bought, you can contact the seller, read the manuals ect ect.

what did you try or couldn’t find in the documentation ?

I couldn’t find in the documentation: AT command to set the APP KEY and EUI DEVICE generated by the platform LoRaWAN to join the network my sensor.


Are you seriously saying you can’t find the information in the second document? Start reading chapter 3 and you should find the commands you need.

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When I try to connect to join, I recive this message:
Do you Know Why?

Thank you so much

Wrong keys? There is no gateway receiving your join request? You are not receiving the reply?

Does the device page in TTN console show a last seen value? Or is it ‘Never’?

When I try to connect the sensor to the join, I recive : “Failed to join network”, and the device page in TTN console show a last seen value ‘Never’.
Moreover,When I see the Gateway page in TTN console, I can see that the gateway transmits information (Downlink), but that in ascending direction(uplink) there is no traffic.

You are misinterpreting the information on the page. The arrow pointing up means this is uplink traffic. If there is any downlink traffic it is hidden because the downlink filter button is grayed out.

Your screen shot does not show any join requests so if your node was transmitting at that time the gateway did not receive the request.
Is you node close to your gateway? An overly strong signal can cause reception errors which lead to CRC errors and packets with CRC errors are not forwarder by the gateway to TTN. Keep at least 3 meters (10 feet) distance between a node and a gateway.

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