Could not register gateway


I’m trying to set up a Laird Sentrius RG186 that I bought used on Ebay. Registration to the TTN network fails with a “Could not register gateway” error because EUI xxx already exists. I’ve looked through the gateway dump and can’t find the record, so I’m guessing that the previous owner simply deleted it.

Is there anything to be done about this situation, or is my apparently great deal on Ebay an expensive mistake?

It doesn’t look like it’s possible to change the EUI on the Sentrius.

Any help would be welcome.

For reference, the EUI is: C0EE40FFFF29627A



Depending on the firmware version you might be able to switch to the TTN packet forwarder. There you can choose your own name.

Dont upgrade the firmware if it is old as the ability to use the TTN Forwarder is then depricated and removed loosing that option - so go careful. (I need to go check at which version but recall it being called out on a Forum thread). Basically once up and running there is little need to change f/w, unless it is really old, though security updates would be one obvious issue - sadly Laird forces us to choose - flexibiity and convenient namin or keep up with updates :wink: :sunglasses: I have Laird GW’s in the field deployed >2 years ago working fine with older firmware…

Update: Found it in this thread Laird Sentrius RG1xx Firmware Update

@Mholland Also have you tried contacting the seller - if they still have it registered and havent deleted in Console then they can set you as a collaborator, and then set you as owner and transition over to you :slight_smile: (You can then remove them as a collaborator once you confirm access/ownership).

If seller isnt original owner I would question provinence and ask where they got it and ask them to put you in contact with original owner…!)

It appears to be still live in the noc database…

Open in incognito window if you see errors or ssl problems

Its original location here:°45’11.5"N+2°52’26.1"E/@48.7532035,2.8717313,17z

A location a few km north of Marles-en-Brie. Obviously it isnt live on the TTN Map right now as no doubt having been sold and passed on it has ‘aged’ off the map databse. Try powering up and giving it internet access - if it comes live again you will see it and may get clues as to original owner/registrar, esp if GW is covered by a local TTN community - you could then see owner on community page - if not set to private (which may also explain why not on map if you already have it powered up!)

Thanks Jeff. I couldn’t find it in the gateway JSON dump, so assumed it had been deleted. It’s live and connected now in fact.

I guess I’m going to have to see if the original owner can update the record. Is there no way of forcing the change on the server side?

OK, you may need to wait a few hours, possibly overnight, for the console dump to update and show it live on the TTN Map - so be patient! :slight_smile:

I checked earlier and there is a community close by but if range set to default (10km radius) likely it wont show there - if you contact the community initiator they can extend radius to try and capture the historic location on a temporary basis - through community dashboard.

Hello, so in the end I managed to contact the previous owner and he kindly transferred ownership to me. It remains a cautionary tale for people buying secondhand gateways, I think - you need also to have some kind of effective relationship with the original owner, otherwise you end up with an expensive paperweight…

Thanks for your help