Counters for Messages Received and Transmitted on V3

Hi all,

I noticed that on TTN V3 the counters of Messages that are Received and Transmitted are set to ZERO after power-off/ disconnecting the gateways.

In TTN V2 the counters will always be there, even when a gateways goes doen and come back on.

This is really TO BAD as you can not view historical data (# messages received and transmitted) from al your gateways on TTN V3.

Can TheThingsIndustries fix this unfortunally problem?


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I’m sure they can, but the only place to report such issues is on the appropriate GitHub repro:

This indeed works differently in v3 than it did in v2. Unlike v2, The Things Stack doesn’t have a centralized “NOC” that keeps track of gateways over time. Instead, it has “connection statistics” for the current connection.

The v3 APIs will however let you keep track of all this in (your own) external integrations.

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