Custom Frequency compliance, plain Lora

I am setting up a private lora network (not LoraWAN) in the 868MHz range, and I am wondering if it is possible to set 3 Gateway channels in the g3 (869.4 – 869.65 MHz): 10% band with 125KHz Bandwidth?

For example:
1: 869.4
2: 869.525
3: 869.65

What is the minimum margin possible between frequencies?
How does the bandwidth affect the legal limitations?

Thanks in advance!

Read the regulations for your part of the World ?

There is no one answer to your question it can vary depending on where you are.

and this question is also outside the scope of this board.

Yes, but if you compare with LoRaWAN regulations, the frequencies has a margin between them of a certain value. How has this been determined? (as its almost “international”).

For 3 channels with 125 KHz bandwidth you clearly need at least 375 KHz subband :slight_smile:

Hi tibbe,
Have you found your way to use the 10% band ?
In Europe, I think the norms impose 25 kHz bandwidth channels in the band 869.4-869.65MHz

Thats not the case in the UK, but could well be different in other countries.

How is this related to TTN ?