Data not passing from Gateway to Application for past 14 Hrs

(Samhain) #1

I have 2 Gateways on TTN using AS923 that appear to have stopped transferring data to the Applications.
In the Gateway traffic monitor all the traffic is still coming in and appears as normal but under the application Data monitor nothing new turns up. This was all working fine for a month or more and has just stopped around 14 Hours ago.
Is anyone else experiencing similar problems ?
No new data is getting passed out to my integrations either.
I have another Gateway set up as AU915 that is still working as normal.

TTGO T-Beam data not appearing in console
(Jbkiwi) #2

I also have the same problem. My application devices are showing as being in contact within the last few minutes, but the data never appears on the data tab, or forwarded to my http integration.

Last data I received was 2018-12-14 07:06:50 UTC

Data uplink in gateway traffic but not in application/device/data
(Darren Millett) #3

Same here. 2 gateways AU 915. (1 in Melbourne, 1 in Adelaide). Multiple nodes on each gateway.
Uplink Traffic gets to gateway log in console, but never gets to Application log or Integration forwarders.
Downlink traffic only join accept getting to node. No CNF ACK, or other downlink. (I do 2 CNF uplinks per day so node can recover itself if needed. Still reviewing this strategy)
14/12/2018 18:02 was last received uplink. (Expected data at 18:12, but it never arrived)

(Andrew Maggio) #4

Cross region forwarding is broken at the moment between Australia and Asia.

If you are using meshed-handler and Asia-se router, or the other way around, you may not get any traffic.

If that’s the issue is there any chance you can migrate to just one region?

(Samhain) #5

I am using Asia-se router and Asia-se handler and that’s how it was before it all stopped working if that help track down the problem not a Cross region like Andrew suggested.

(Andrew Maggio) #6

Ok, it’s not the cross site issue then. Probably difficult to migrate your app/gateways to the Australia instance, but if you can we’re not having any problems here at the moment. (meshed-router, meshed-handler)

(Samhain) #7

Thanks Andrew but from what I can tell moving to another handler means deleting all the Devices and then reregistering them unless you know of another way without doing this ?

(Jbkiwi) #8

Which is the Australia instance? Is it meshed?

(Darren Millett) #9

All of mine use meshed-router ( I don’t know of any cross-region usage.

(Jbkiwi) #10

I was using ttn-handler-asia-se for my applications and for my four gateways.

I’ve changed my gateways to use ttn-router-asia-se, but still have the same problem

(Ttn Shizuoka) #11

I am using Asia-se router and Asia-se handler.
The same is happening in Japan.

(Darren Millett) #12

Hmm, update. Seems I was wrong. Application was using Asia-SE handler.
I’ve changed the Application to use meshed-handler (deleting all my devices in the process).
Manually re-registered all devices (only had 12 devices, and most were OTAA - only 2 ABP).
No checking results…

(Darren Millett) #13

Testing results: No change. (So cross-region now eliminated in my case).
Join Request and Accept still function ok.
Uplink data showing in Console Gateway log.
Uplink data not showing in Console Application log.
Uplink data not showing in Integration.

(Mark Joyce) #14

Hi people, I have the same problem. However, I just changed one of my applications from Asia-se to meshed, (Im in Perth WA) and now it works, my gateway was on meshed already.
Regards Mark.

But now I have no integrations on meshed, any time frame?

(Leru) #15

Hi All,

I’ve got a similar problem. I in Wellington, New Zealand and I am using ttn-handler-asia-se. Gateway is on meshed-router. My application is not getting any data coming through, but I can see the measurements coming through the gateway.

(Virtualguy) #16

Also not getting traffic on asia-se handler, gateway is on asia-se too. Gateway shows offline on TTN Console but looks good from actual logs on the gateway

(Madhuvarsha) #17

That’s true, my gateway is showing offline since yesterday but under device data is visible.


(Andrew Maggio) #18

Hi Mark. Use to use Integrations for applications on meshed-handler

(Ttn Shizuoka) #19

Japan is connected by “ttn-router-jp”.

(Samhain) #20

Looks Like it is all back up and working again.
Does anyone know what the problem was and is it likely to happen again ?