Data recived

When viewing the uplink_message, we are seeing the end device payload encoded in the following formats: ‘frm_payload’: ‘RACxUAAA’ or ‘4460B1500000’. We have attempted to decode the payload using CayeneLPP, but it was not successful. Could you kindly advise us on the proper way to decode this payload?

What device? Is it encoded in LPP? Note also decoding on the console is a ‘nice to have’ and not guaranteed depending on server loads, decoder complexity etc. Best practice usually extract payload to you own system and decode there.

What decoder are you using (source)?

Hi Jeff,
yes its encoded
Device: Adeunis modbus lorawan
gateway: multitech
i use base64 decoder
kindly can you advise

Hate guessing games…Which? This one? MODBUS protocol | Master-Slave mode | Adeunis

And you think the above has its LoRaWAN payload encoded as LPP?
…or have you just selected LPP from the Payload Formatters drop down on the TTN (Device) Console?

…Does Adeunis not supply an encoder/decoder for their product?

I apologize for any confusion my previous response may have caused. I assumed that you were asking if the Adeunis Modbus LoRaWAN device had the capability to encode data in LPP format, which it does.
and yes this is the modbus you mentioned we are use