Data uplink in gateway traffic but not in application/device/data

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I can see the uplinkk traffic of my devices in gateway/traffic but it is not transmitted in Application/devices/data.

DEVADDR is correct in device (same than in GW/traffic)
Keys are OK also

I can just see the “join” in application/devices/data

So I cannot receive data in my http integration API

any reasons ?

Data not passing from Gateway to Application for past 14 Hrs
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No ideas ?


see Data not passing from Gateway to Application for past 14 Hrs

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I found a workaround for this Nemeus pico gateway

I am using SF7 instead of SF12 in the gateway and it works

no solution and no access to any logs in TTN to understand why it is not working with SF12, it would be good to have acces to some “errors” when data cannot be transferred to applications .

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With no way to attribute messages to an application everyone would have to have access to all ‘failure’ messages. With millions of messages processed by the back-end every day even allowing people to access 1% of them (an optimistic failure rate as packets for other networks will be present and ‘fail’) is unrealistic. That is ignoring security concerns like possible data leaks created by allowing people access to (meta)data that is not theirs. (Packet content is not the only data)

However, if you know a solution for the large amount and security concerns, the back-end code is open source, so feel free to implement it…

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Are you saying you’re using a single-channel/single-SF test gateway? Please mention details like that (and many more) in future posts.

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Your’re right, I’ll try to implement my own backend server to get some logs from my gateways & applications to undertsand what is going wrong with SF12 .