Denver, Colorado


thanx for doing that. I am over in the Washington Park area. Anybody interested in a TTN gateway there ?

Hi Thomas,
I don’t need a Wash Park gateway since I am so far away. However, it would be interesting to map all gateway locations and discover what coverage can be achieved within the metro area.
Also, I don’t know if I really have line of sight to your location but it might be worth trying a range test experiment. I would have to transport a mobile setup a couple of hundred yards to get to about 8,400 ft. I’d also have to purchase an antenna compatible with the TTN Uno.

I know I’m a bit late to the party but have setup a gateway Parker, CO. Just wondering if there is still interest in discussions or meetup?

I’m in Parker as well. I’m wondering how to get started. Did you get your gateway setup?

Yes I did get my gateway setup with a Pi and parts from rack wireless. Currently it is offline till I work out a permanent mounting location. Other problem is getting IDE programming up to par to make end devices.