Denver, Colorado

I’m interested in setting up a things network in the Denver or Boulder area. Please message me if you are as well.

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I have ordered a gateway and nodes during the Kickstarter campaign with an expected mid-year delivery.
Interested in the LoRa/LoRaWAN technology for IoT applications.
I am located in the greater Denver area and very interested in furthering conversations with others getting involved in this technology.

Hi David
Thanks for the reply, sorry for the slow response. Let’s keep in touch. I’m still trying to figure out my hardware setup (see this post) and didn’t get in on the Kickstarter. I’m hoping to have something put together by July.

Hi Dan,
Interested in deploying LoRa in the Front Range area. Rather than continuing a conversation on this board, perhaps you could give me a call and we can get together over a coffee.
Phone number below signature in previous post.

Hey David and Dan –
We have a small group in Longmont that is interested in setting up a city-wide network. We’re meeting next Wednesday, and it would be great to collaborate if you have a chance to make it up to Longmont. Either way, please don’t hesitate to drop a line at 720.580.1777 Jake

Hi Jake,
Thanks for the note, I am planning to attend. See you there!

This looks like an outdated thread. Any updates on a Denver IoT (LoRaWAN) network?

Hi dwalkes - I’m interested in Things networks in Denver as well. What is your current involvement?

Hi porrick,
Unfortunately I still don’t have a working hardware setup but I’m still interested in the idea of a Denver LoRaWAN network. Which hardware are you using for your gateway? You can see my attempts at Raspberry Pi Based Node and Gateway Hardware Suggestions

I haven’t put anything past mere thought/interest/research. Any good resources that you recommend to get started/for a newbie? Thank you in advance.

I think the best info I’ve found has been here on the forum, but it’s been close to a year since I spent any significant amount of time on this.

welcome, THIS is a good starting point

Can we all have a meetup and try to acheive this ?

I’m in (for Denver).

From above posts i can see that they was already meet happened last year. If we can have more people interested we can join.

In light of the recent death of net-neutrality, I was busy researching alternative, global networks and happened across Since I live in the Denver metro area, any recent movement on this thread?

The Things Network is not an alternative for ‘normal’ internet traffic … it’s main use is wireless traffic of very small packets of data (like a temperature)
So nothing like surfing the web without censorship or paying extra to be on the ISP’s’ fast lane’ :wink:

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Thanks very much for the quick, informative reply. Have you heard of any “private internet”-type network projects? I ran across this one ( but maybe there are others or something completely different.

I have a working TTN Gateway in north Longmont. I am prepping to move it into the attic which will gain an additional 10’ of height and upgrade the antenna from the stock rubber duck


New group to explore LPWAN technologies.
No corporate agenda. Just shared information.

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