Device can't connect with OTAA mode

Hello , Yesterday i tried ABP mode it works , now i tried OTAA mode in the serial always shows no JoinAccept .
I am using Dragino lora shield v1.4 on arduino uno with dragino gateway LG308 ,
Did i miss something ?


Some where in your code you need to specify OTAA, I don’t know what sketch you are using, some where there will be a setting.

Please stop sending “Hello World” waist of air time and battery life.

Your TX_INTERVAL are also breaching the “Fair Usage Policy” and Legal limits for using the frequency band, please reset it to 200 or more at minimum, depended on amount data you send.

At a TX interval of 10 seconds, if the node was a distance from Gateway the air time could be 10,825 seconds a day, lets hope the legal duty cycle limit stuff works. The fair useage limit is 30.

The legal limit would be 864 seconds a day.

Where did you get that sketch from ???

I was just trying , I am new to this field can i use the thethingsnetwork library with arduino uno and dragino lora shield v1.4

No, totally different hardware despite the name.

There are two very urgent matters the community like to see addressed:

Adherence to the Fair Use Policy


Somewhat related, not sending text as it’s very inefficient.

You will make considerable progress and get much better support if you can take time out to learn the fundamentals.

Whilst you are reading the entire of the Learn section, consider that your device is not hearing the join accept - something that you will learn about in the materials.

What library is this? I have not seen it before, do you have a link to it?