Device could not be unclaimed and deleted


I can’t unclaim and delete one specific end device. Always get the error message " An error occurred and the end device could not be unclaimed and delete". All my other end devices could be deleted without any problem.


Your screen shot precludes any of the volunteers that may answer from copying & pasting the EUI …

And without any information on the actual process you are going through we’d all be guessing - unclaiming a device isn’t something that many of us do that often as we don’t have devices we claimed or have devices that we setup for claiming.

My end device (DevEUI: 0004A310001AB08F) got damaged by over voltage, so I decided to delete the device from TTN. But using the unclaim and delete end device function under General Settings will lead to the error message “An error occurred and the end device could not be unclaimed and delete”.

Does it actually say “unclaim”?

Did you claim it in the first place?

What is this unknown device?

Yes, “Unclaim and delete end device”.

Yes, I used the device for some month without any issue before it died due to over voltage.

It’s not clear if you claimed this device. You have said that you used the device but that’s not what I asked.

This would help, possibly.

I still can’t delete this specific device. Has someone faced the same issue?

Maybe, maybe not, but I think this is the record for the longest inability to provide requested details.