Device display options?

Hi All,

I am just looking for a little advice please.

I have setup a couple of Draguino/Uno temperature and humidity devices which report the data periodically via my Rak based gateway.

My question is, which would be the best way to view the data online on some kind of dashboard ?
It is my interpretation that there are available , “sites” that can process the data and display a dashboard comprising of dials and graphs etc.
If anyone can point me in the right direction for a good read on the subject I would be most gratefull, thanks…

Kind regards

Why not check out the Webhooks in the integration section of the console so you can narrow down the list by what speaks to you & the all important costs …

Hi Nick,
Yes i will do that , thanks.
I was watching one of your videos earlier and it answerd alot of my queries .

Thanks again.

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